Your Partner for Traffic Safety and Physical Security needs

We are  PROUD to be a Small Veteran Owned Business with over 20 years of experience in military, law enforcement, large event security planning, physical security, and anti-terrorism. Powell Safety Solutions will help you find the right solutions for your safety and physical security needs.

We have teamed up with a popular military consultant, manufacturer, and supplier who has over 30 years of experience in anti-terrorism and force protection. We are a certified distributor for Interplex Solar Lighting Products and (EMI) Emergency Medical International, a premier Fire/Rescue/EMS and Law Enforcement supply company, which supplies quick response kits, emergency lighting products, and various rescue and medical tools. We are dedicated to bringing high quality tested products to you and your organization in a professional and knowledgable manner.

An overview of our benefits

  •  We offer over 20 years of both military and civilian experience
  •  Experienced in Anti-Terrorism and large event security coordination
  •  A large number of tested and certified products
  •  We have the ability to tailor solutions for specific needs


Are you interested in physical security, traffic safety or blast mitigation?

Get in touch with us at (724) 553-4442. We will gladly try to find you an affordable  solution!